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Intercession - Pepper Espinoza Intercession- the action of intervening on behalf of another.

Intercession was a perfect title for this book. It starts with David praying to God to help him find his brother, Daniel. The hope of finally being reunited with his brother is the only thing keeping him from turning into the mindless killing machine he should be. David is a vampire. Vampires in this world are not nice creatures. They’re Lucifer’s children and he uses the spread death and terror all over the world.

God hears Daniel’s prayer and sends Jophiel to help him find his brother. Jophiel is an angel but just a foot soldier with a shameful past. He thinks God is punishing him further by sending him to help an evil vampire. He does as he’s told and sees something in the vampire he never expected. A tiny glimmer of his soul is still there. Vampire’s souls are voided from the moment they’re turned. From there we go on a road trip cross-country with a vampire and an angel in which Daniel and Jo don’t exactly become firm friends but they get to know and like each other. Along the way Daniel sees Arthur at a bar and decides to make him his meal for the night. Screwing the guy before he kills him isn’t anything new but he feels something for Arthur. Something he hasn’t felt in a long time, intense lust and a need to protect him, but from what? Jo finds them naked and entwined the next morning and starts to understand lust. He also realizes that Arthur should be dead after a night with Daniel which gives him hope of saving his soul after all. Jo hasn’t ever known physical human pleasures and his desire for Daniel confuses him. Soon they realize they were set on a path to meet Arthur and he becomes part of the quest. Just about the time they all agree on this, Monks descend upon Arthur’s house. Monks are an army of vampire killers given the blessing of God to eradicate their evil from the Earth. Problem is, over the years the purity of the order has become tainted and innocents are considered casualties of war. When they come after Arthur it changes things. It forces the men to face feelings none of them thought were possible when the week started. Things evolve, questions are answered and realizations are made leading to an ending I didn’t expect.

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