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The Case Of The Cupid Curse

The Case Of The Cupid Curse - Amber Kell, R.J. Scott 4.5 stars

This was such a fun read! I think I loved every page I read and all the characters good or bad. I will say this book is very much the type of book I’ve wanted to read in m/m, lots of different types of supes living in a contemporary setting without the cheesiness that sometimes accompanies paranormal romances…. I like those too, this one it just doesn’t have it.

Sam inherits his uncles business after his death. He decides he’s going to give being a detective a go but doesn’t realize his uncle worked mainly for supes or that he was into some shady stuff. It doesn’t exactly bode well for Sam that he’s the new detective in the supe part of town but knows nothing about the rules that should be followed when dealing with each type of supernatural species. He does however have a strange immunity to some of the powers the supes utilize but nobody really understands why. Another thing I want to know! Why?

When a witch stops by demanding a favor owed to her Sam is unsettled by what she asks of him. He doesn’t want anything to do with supes and would never purposefully harm someone for one. The witch threatens him but he waves her off. He’s not doing what she’s asked of him.

His next visitor is a potential tenant for one of his two open apartments he’s trying to rent out. Of course it’s a sexy arrogant vampire that seems to have lust at first site with Sam. His name is Bob. Sam tries to deter him from wanting the apartment but finds the vampire can read his mind so his plan doesn’t work and Bob takes the room.

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