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The Green-Eyed Monster

The Green-Eyed Monster - Melanie Tushmore Holy crap that book was sooooo frustrating! I’m absolutely having a love/hate thing going with these characters. The tension in this book is thick but in the best way. I didn’t want to put this book down for minute because every damn time I thought this is it, they are going to get their shit together and then BAM…..nope. I wanted to scream at them! Apparently I love to be teased because this I loved – every minute of it.

The story follows a group of friends in a band and takes us through the years of them trying to make it on the music scene. Most of the group have been friends for a while before adopting the gorgeous Scot Brandon into their. Sky sees him and knows he’s front man material and luckily the guy can sing. Brandon tries to come onto Sky the first night but Sky isn’t into guys so he brushes it off as no big deal. They start doing some gigs and Jaime, the drummer and Brandon, singer, don’t have any problem partying like rock stars and picking up groupies. It’s what they do and everyone comes to expect it from them. One night Brandon and Jaime bring a groupie back to the room they are supposed to be sharing with Sky. Sky wakes up to them having sex and freaks out. The confrontation kind of smacks them both in the face. Brandon doesn’t like Sky being mad at him and Sky doesn’t understand why he’s jealous. Brandon sees an in with Sky one night and finds a willing girl to take up to their room. Everything goes like you’d think but it’s pretty obvious the guys really want each other. Sky’s afraid to admit it. I’m pretty sure Brandon did it to get off but in a roundabout way with Sky. This leads to some confusion the next day as it’s Sky’s first time with a man and he struggles with if it means anything since Brandon is kind of a slut. The next night they start talking but end up drinking which makes it easier to focus on the desire to have each other and not think so hard about the repercussions of after. The sex is explosive and hot and unlike anything Sky has ever felt before. They spend the next night together since they’re sharing a room it seems so easy and right. The next morning they are busted by the road manager and it messes up the dynamic they found in that hotel room. Sky freaks out a little and so Brandon tries to make light of it saying, “It’s just sex” and it hurts Sky. Both guys are prideful and they let it get in the way of what they want. Things kind of spiral out of control from there basically because touring puts them in such close proximity while fighting their feelings and keeping everything a secret.

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