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Power Play: Resistance

Power Play: Resistance - Rachel Haimowitz, Cat Grant 4.5 Stars

Billionaire tech genius, Jonathan Watkins, meets undereducated home builder, Brandon McKinney, in a dive bar in San Francisco’s Chinatown. It’s lust at first sight. After a few very intense sexual encounters and conversations that bring to light a mutual interest in green technologies. Jonathan wants to use his money to help Brandon realize his goal of his own business. He offers Brandon the opportunity to be his sub for six months in exchange for enough money to buy his own business. Unsurprisingly, Brandon is insulted and insists he isn’t a whore. Eventually, and with much soul searching, he does agree to Jonathan’s proposal. From there, they both proceed to screw everything up spectacularly.

Brandon refuses to accept that he finds pleasure in what he “should” find degrading or humiliating. Accepting food from Jonathan’s hand is not about being pampered in Brandon’s mind, it’s about being treated like a dog. Being tied up and flogged isn’t about safety and overwhelming physical stimulation, it’s about being trapped and tortured. To complicate things Brandon wants the pampering, safety, and stimulation but can’t get beyond his own personal hang-ups. He has no means to communicate this to Jonathan, as Jonathan has stopped talking in any meaningful way to Brandon. Soon, they begin to hate each other. Jonathan forces Brandon to abandon the contract with regular severe beatings and punishments....

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