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Between Two Worlds

Between Two Worlds - Shelter Somerset 3 Stars

Aiden Cermak was driving through the Amish country when he sees an out of control truck driver getting ready to smash into a buggy full of people. Aiden makes a lighting quick decision and swings his car in front of the buggy so the truck hits him instead. From there he gets invited to stay in the home of the Schrock’s for saving them. Aiden tries to decline the invite but Samuel won’t hear of it. He is very grateful for what Aiden has done.

“No greater man of God than he who lays down his life for another.”

Aiden becomes friends with the whole family, well everyone except the oldest son Daniel. Daniel has a hard time coming around, but once he finally lets himself have the friendship he wants with Aiden things get better between them.

We soon learn that Daniel had been married and lost his wife and child in a tornado. There are many things going on with Daniel that made me feel sad for him. He knows what he’s supposed to do with his life in the Amish community but he has all these weird feelings for Aiden. He doesn’t understand if it’s a test from God or what he should do about it. Aiden on the other hand knows how he feels about Daniel and even makes a decision to get a job at the local paper and move to Henry just to stay close to the other man, even knowing nothing can really come of it.

When Aiden starts getting a bit to nosey in a suicide case that happened years ago, people start to become angry. They don’t want him getting into their business and making them look bad. Daniel tries talking Aiden into dropping his investigation but to do that he has to tell him his big secret. Just when I thought it would finally happen for these two, Daniel gets scared and runs away. He leaves in such a hurry that he forgets to turn on his buggy lights and gets side swiped by an SUV. While he’s in the hospital he makes a hard choice and asks to be married to another woman. Aiden is hurt. In his mind he really thought him and Daniel had something special. With all the community upset with him and Daniel getting engaged he’s unsure what to do until Daniel’s father asks Aiden to stop hanging around their son. With nothing left for him he resigns from his job at the paper and moves back to his hometown in Maryland.

Many months pass when he gets an unexpected visit from his ex Conrad. Conrad wants him back after 3 years and Aiden considers it until he realizes that Conrad still doesn’t want the same things as him, so Aiden packs up his car and heads out to Montana to backpack through Glacier National Park. His second day in and he comes across a face he never thought he’d see again. Standing there in front of him is Daniel. Daniel was backpacking through the park trying to clear his head before he was to be married, but when he got there and saw Aiden’s car and then his name signed in, everything became clear to him.

“I can’t marry Tara. I’ll have to fly home and let her know. I’ll have to tell her face to face, that I can’t marry her. I figure I never could. After running into you out here…. If God doesn’t want for you and me…. Ach, then what does he want? I can see the clues clear now, Aiden Cermak. Finally, I can see.”

This book was not what I expected. I assumed it was going to be a sweet romance, and I’m sure to some it was, but it was all a bit bland for me. I really enjoyed all the details about what it was like living on a Amish farm. The Amish have always fascinated me and getting a look into their lives what pretty amazing.

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