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Blood Red Butterfly

Blood Red Butterfly - Josh Lanyon 5 Stars - KAPOW!

OK, I am not an expert on Asian culture and I’ve never read manga, but I know what I like. And I like this heart-thumping novella.

Blood Red Butterfly, Josh Lanyon’s nod to yaoi (a sub-genre of Japanese manga), weaves complicated threads of human fragility, generational schisms, acceptance of self, and Asian and Hispanic cultures into one sensational story of murder, suspense and romance.

Few authors are better at taking a trope for a new spin than Lanyon, and his take on tough guy and sweet guy is tightly drawn and it works perfectly. LA Homicide Detective Ryo Miller is determined to prove Mickey Torres is a murderer, but to do that, Ryo must disprove the alibi provided by manga artist Kai Tashiro — the “Ice Princess” and Torres’ lover. The game is on! ....

...I rooted for Ryo and Kai throughout this well-paced, beautifully written story. I’m looking forward to the reread because Josh Lanyon has given us a fascinating new world in which to immerse ourselves. I recommend it whole-heartedly. Oh yeah baby, he’s back!

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