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Gold Digger

Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov 5 Stars - KAPOW!

On the surface, Aleksander Voinov’s Gold Digger, a spin-off of the Special Forces books, is the story of a man who finds a romantic relationship where and when he least expects it. Of course, still waters run deep, and it’s also a story of fathers and sons, and a contrast to the relationship in Special Forces.

Gold Digger was more than just the story of two men meeting and coming together. Nikolai and Vadim had some serious familial issues to deal with. Not only was Vadim an absent father for the majority of his son’s life, Nikolai also learned he wasn’t his biological father. Despite having very limited emotional availability Vadim is able to offer wise counsel to Nikolai who is not only confused by his apparent heteroflexibility, but dumbfounded by the news of not being a “real” Krasnorada. Furthering the father and son theme Nikolai makes an effort to maintain a presence in the life of his nephew, Szandor. Szandor is also Nikolai’s biological son. He is named for a close family friend who also acted as a father figure for Nikolai....

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