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Bullheaded - Catt Ford 5 Stars - KAPOW!!

I don’t like the closet or angst-filled books. Logically, I should have hated Bullheaded, by Catt Ford. Logic schmogic, I loved this book. Cody Grainger and Johnny Arrow are madly in love with each other. It’s undeniable. They are also wildly attracted to each other despite having been in a relationship for two years already. They should be completely happy. And they are, sort of. Johnny works as a bullfighter in the same circuit in which Cody is a bull rider. They are able to tour together and their cover story that Johnny works on the Grainger family ranch works just fine. No one is the wiser. When the season breaks for Cody he wants to go home and doesn’t really listen to Johnny who wants to work for the summer. Cody is at the top of his game whereas Johnny has just started his. They also happen to have wildly different cultural backgrounds and sexual histories. They are, however, both alike in idiocy. Cody wants to manage Johnny’s life. He doesn’t get Johnny may have different goals, wants, or needs. Johnny doesn’t tell Cody his goals, wants, or needs. Consequently, neither man understands the other. Johnny walks out....

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