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Red+Blue - A.B. Gayle 4 Stars

This book is basically broken down into three parts so that’s how I’m going to review it. The blurb does a great job of setting up Part Red but the rest of story was a complete surprise to me.

Part Red is told from Ben’s POV. He’s likes his job and his boss. He’s sleeping with a sexy guy who works for his company. Life is pretty good for Ben until he starts to get feelings for his boss, Adrian. Problem is the gorgeous older man is often in the paper or at social events with women so he’s obviously straight, right? Oh, and he’s his boss. The company gym becomes the location where they build a friendship. He takes it upon himself to help get Adrian in shape which pretty much just feeds his desire for him. For Ben the frustration is worth it if he gets to spend a little more time with Adrian. 5 stars

Part Blue is told from Adrian’s POV....

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