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Plan B

Plan B - S.J.D. Peterson 5 Star

Danny and Lance are complete opposites, Danny is a gay out and proud theater major who likes to dress sexy and wear make up. Lance is a straight jock who really only has one plan for his future which is to play for the NFL.

I think what I loved most about this story was how real it all seemed. Two guys who have nothing really in common besides the attraction they have for each other.

When they first come together it’s all about the explorations of their bodies but it quickly turns into friendship and then into something much more.

For Danny it’s like, lust and then love. As we don’t get Lance’s point of view I assume the same for him but with shame, confusion and fear added along with it.

But as their relationship really starts to heat up Lance pulls away and Danny can’t handle the emotional toll it takes on him. He can’t understand why all of a sudden Lance won’t come to his room anymore, why he is picking him up halfway down the block or why when they go get coffee Lance invites his sister and her boyfriend to join them every time.

When Lance invites Danny to ride along with him to go pick up his cell phone he’s very excited, he thinks there going on a date and that this is where the relationships for them will finally come together but when they get there all Danny sees is a cute blonde girl jump into Lance’s arms and kiss him. The heartbreak I felt at that moment was unbearable. For Danny it was the straw that broke the camels back.

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