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A Simple Romance

A Simple Romance - J.H. Knight 4.5 Stars

Skip who had been in a relationship with his partner Monty for 8 years gets the shock of his life when all of a sudden his partner doesn’t want to be with him anymore, and not only does he not want to be with him but he’s already found someone to replace him. Skip is a mess, he’s hurt and completely heartbroken. After three months he’s decided it’s time to make a change. He packs up and heads back to his hometown to stay with his mother and try to figure out what to do with his life.

When Skip decides to take a job at his old high school he encounters the boy he had a crush on in his senior year, also the boy he made a fool of himself in front of.

Skip and Paul become friends and after a night on the town and a weekend in Paul’s bed, you know there’s something special going on between them.

As the relationship between Skip and Paul continues to grow, Skip gets more and more freaked out. He’s so afraid of getting hurt that he won’t even attempt to think there’s anything more between the two of them then friends with benefits. He’s afraid to hope because in his mind he’s already waiting for the break up.

I think his sister said it best when she said :

“But it’s all about hope. Hope and love and fun and trust, and all those go better together.”

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