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The Fight Within

The Fight Within - Andrew  Grey 4.5 Stars

This is book number 2 in the “Good Fight Series”, and if you have not read book number 1 “The Good Fight” then I recommend that you do.

In Book 1 you meet Jerry who’s starting up a computer business and is in need of a couple of employees. He hires John, a Native American who is trying to find work and get custody of his niece and nephew who have been taken by the children’s social services due to the death of their mother. He also hires a man named Bryce whose story I am about to review.

First off, I would like to say that these books deal with many issues and they are not lighthearted ones. As I read book one, I wondered how much of the information that was provided in the book was true, so I got out the twitter app and asked the author. He tells me that he did a lot of research and sadly all the things he wrote are very true and that breaks my heart.

Bryce’s story “The Fight Within” is another emotional tale that had me right away bringing out the tissues. Bryce has been in a loving relationship with his partner Percy for 3 years, and just as they’re two days away from their wedding tragedy strikes and Bryce is left brokenhearted. A year later and Bryce is still mourning his late lover and his friends feel it’s time for him to get out and start living again. They head out to the reservation where Bryce encounters a gruff and surly store owner Paytah. Paytah has had a hard life and is not easy to get to know. He’s a very closed off man, but you can see that deep down he is lonely and wants more out of his life.

When he finally lets Bryce in, their relationship blossoms but Paytah has a secret that he has been carrying with him for years and it is eating away at his soul. When Paytah finally opens up to Bryce it is devastating and heart wrenching, but you can see Bryce will be there till the end.

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