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Love, Hypothetically

Love, Hypothetically - Anne Tenino 4.5 Stars

When we first met Paul in Frat Boy and Toppy he was a jerk. No beating around the bush on this one the man was a dick, or like Paul likes to refer to himself a prick. He hated jocks and gave his roommate a lot of grief for dating one. Now we’ve come to Paul’s story and we finally learn the reason for his prickliness.

Nine years ago Paul was dating (in secret of course) a jock and one night while Paul was trying to fulfill his boyfriends fantasy they were caught and he was basically thrown to the wolves by the guy he thought he’d be with.

Man, just reading what happened to him all those years ago made me hurt for Paul. I could completely sympathize with him and why he hated jocks so much. To be betrayed like that and then outed and humiliated by everyone. Well, I would be a prick too.

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