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Heat Under Fire

Heat Under Fire - Andrew  Grey 4 Stars

I know you can’t see me, but I’m jumping up and down right now. I’m so excited that there’s a spinoff book to the By Fire series. I absolutely fell in love with Dirk and Lee in their books and I’m already halfway in love with the new boys.

Justin Briggs has been spending his days doing traffic duty, and the only good thing about it, is he’s parked at the ambulance parking garage where he can watch hot EMT Rockland Sparks come and go.

Right from the beginning we see some action. There’s a school bus hanging off the freeway overpass full of children and when Justin gets to the scene he jumps right in trying to save the kids but when there’s only one child left on the bus and he can’t get free he’ll need to go in after him. EMT Rockland Sparks aka Rock is there to give him a hand. After the situation is under control Justin so badly wants to ask Rock to have dinner with him but every time he tries to speak nothing comes out, so he bolts. Well, Rock isn’t having any of that. He shows right up at Justin’s door demanding to know what his problem is. Poor Justin can’t seem to speak so he lets a kiss do the talking for him but when two weeks go by he figures Rock must not be interested in him. Then Justin gets called to a huge fire where a traffic cop is needed and once traffic is under control Rock approaches him and asks him why he hasn’t spoken to him. Justin finally gets up enough courage to admit he gets tongue tied around guys he likes. Now, with that admission out of the way Rock understands that he’ll have to get things moving between them if they’re ever going to get something going, and boy do things get going. We have hospital stays, a car accident, a visit from Lee and Dirk and we even get to see a crazy mom trying to “fix” her son. I really wanted to punch that woman for the things she said and did in this book and I felt so bad for Justin. He’s spent his whole life alone due to his inability to be able to speak to any man he finds attractive. It’s a good thing Rock is willing to get things rolling or Justin might not never have been able to talk to the man.

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