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Lighting the Way Home

Lighting the Way Home - E.M. Lynley, Shira Anthony 3.5 Stars

Joshua Golden has returned home from France to help out his parents with their restaurant while his mother recovers from surgery. When he gets to his parent’s home he is shocked to see a 10 year old boy and Micah Solomon. Micah was his best friend all through school and his lover for a little while. Micah has been living with Josh’s parents and working at their restaurant while he tries to get his life together.

I just want to say that this book may not affect someone else like it did me, but for me I was constantly mad, irritated, frustrated and ticked off. The main character Josh was so mad through almost all of this book that it really put myself in a bad mood. He’s arrogant, snotty and thinks he’s better than everyone else. He’s also a very crappy son. His attitude towards Micah was just awful. I will admit that if Micah did to me what he did to Josh, I probably would have behaved the same way.

It takes a bit of time but through flashbacks we finally get to see what happened between the two men and once Josh realizes what an ass he’s being we finally get to hear Micah’s side of the story. Once he gets his chance to speak you know he had no other choice but to do what he did. In my eyes Micah is the best part of this whole book. I just wish some of the story could have been told from his POV.

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