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If It Flies

If It Flies - Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt 5 Stars - KAPOW!

We briefly met Nick in "Take It Off" and I was immediately hooked! Spencer sees him pretty much as soon as he enters the club, and just like me, he too was hooked. The story is told entirely from Spencer’s POV and while there were times I was desperate to get inside Nick’s head, I think that lent itself perfectly to the story as Spencer, himself, tried to get a read on Nick.

Nick is a top. This is just what Spencer wanted.

Nick is a Dom. This, Spencer soon discovers, is also exactly what he as a sub wanted.

Nick is a sadist. Spencer has also discovered that the masochist he is wants, needs, this too.

I suppose I never really thought of it before; but not all tops are Doms, certainly not all Doms are sadists. Likewise – not all bottoms are subs or masochists. But this, people, is a hat trick, a 3 for 1 – kinky kismet! They truly were made for each other.

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