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An Immovable Solitude

An Immovable Solitude - S.A. McAuley 5 Stars - KAPOW!

The story starts in South Africa with Hash and his Irish lover, Kerry, having been together for 3 years, running their Shark Dive Tours as business partners, and employing Kerry’s older sister Kelly. They are known as the Irish Twins, despite the 10 month age difference. Kelly and Hash don’t really get on well – she isn’t entirely comfortable with his relationship with her younger brother, feeling that Hash pressured Kerry to come out before he was ready to. Kerry was 19 when he met Hash, who is 5 years his senior. Hash just had to have Kerry - from the minute he first saw him, he was smitten. And 3 years on his feelings have not diminished. He loves Kerry wholeheartedly. But life as an openly gay man in South Africa isn’t easy – or maybe it is more Kerry struggling with it himself. Did Hash rush him? Was he too forceful and quick to declare his love? To share his business? Was it too much pressure for the young Kerry? No two people ever walk the same path – even though the destination may be the same.

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