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Stray - Ash Penn 4.5 Stars

First up is Terry, and he is a dick to the nth degree! Normally I like a bit of swagger, a bit of “prickery” if you will but he really takes the cake, and licks his lips after eating it! He is a slut that gives in to his wanton whims all the time, (again, a trait I normally love in my fictional fellas). He has been sharing a house with Mark who has had a real bad run of late, both romantically and on the family front. So Terry is there for him, helping him get through it all. Sure, he hopes to get the ultimate reward of Mark being upgraded from bestfriend to boyfriend – but that doesn’t undermine the fact that he genuinely wants Mark to be happy. One morning Terry comes downstairs to find Mark mauling a cute young guy on the kitchen counter; oh Hell no! This is not going to happen! Terry is not going to lose Mark again! So he determines to end it before it has a chance to start, by (you guessed it!) bedding the cute young boy himself, just to show Mark how Dan aka Goldilocks cannot be trusted, of course. This is where I got kinda pissy with the author and the characters and just about stopped reading! I hate cheating and even the premise of cheating puts me off. I felt so bad for Mark at the mere thought of his so-called best friend making a play for someone he brought home – irrelevant of whether it was a one night stand or not. Anyway enough of that for now . . .

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