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Into This River I Drown

Into This River I Drown - T.J. Klune 5 stars

“Time is a river, I’ve learned. Always moving forward. But for people like me, people who have loved and lost, the river is something we fight. We swim against the current, trying to get back to the way we once were, trying to hold onto anything to keep us from getting swept away. It’s exhausting and eventually we tire. Still we push on.” Benji Green has been slowly drowning in grief for the past five years. At the age of sixteen, the death of his father, Big Eddie, in a single vehicle crash into a river left Benji reeling from the loss of his best friend, his mentor, his rock. Benji’s grief for his father is heartbreaking in its description. “For want of my father, I was lost.” Five years later and Benji is at a tipping point: let his grief completely drown him, or learn to let go of it.

Into This River I Drown was haunting and beautiful and hopeful and has stayed with me in the days since I finished it. I think it will be staying with me for a while more. I’m glad about that.

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