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All My Crimes

All My Crimes - Tal Valante 5 Stars - KAPOW!!

I thought this book was incredible – it was a total trip; I was completely sucked into the world that Tal Valante created. The Elves were scary – as they should be; no cute, prancing little critters down the bottom of the garden in this book. They have sharp teeth, dark eyes and they gave me the willies!!

Lord Teregryn Eve is the son of a warlock, a powerful warlock in his own right and when he saved Gidden’s life their friendhsip was forged. Eve was taken prisoner during the Great War with the elves, apparently abandoned by his King. The story covers his recovery thereafter, and his quest to save the King again, from this new threat - but of course when you rely on 2nd or 3rd sight – things aren’t always as they seem.

Gidden I loved – he just struck me as being noble and honourable - he not only inherited the throne from his father, and his father’s father before; but the war with the Elves as well. Nobody can even remember why or how it started… and isn’t that par for the course? Yet it is left to him to finish it, once and for all. I did like how the story touched on the elves concerns re the world around us, and the way the humans treated it. Their extremism was portrayed really well. The story was very short, and yet the author managed to fill it with words that truly counted – an absolutely absorbing story. I am thrilled to have read that a prequel is planned; I am really looking forward to seeing the early stages of the strong connection between Terry and his King.

Again – I want to praise Riptide for a great book. The cover is gorgeous; and is there anything quite like finding another great new author? I don’t think so!

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