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Social Skills

Social Skills - Sara Alva 4 Stars

This is one of the very sweetest, and most heart warming stories I have read in a very long time. Normally I have a very low “sweet tolerance” in books I read – yet the author managed to avoid the trap of overplaying it. The balance of sweet and angst is a delicate thing, and she pulled it off perfectly.

Connor has one of those mums. You know the kind. The ones that insist on enrolling their kids for music lessons because they can’t play; and wheeling them out at social gatherings to impress friends. None of his family really knows him. They certainly have no clue what he wants to do with his life; and of course never ask. They plot his route, and he will follow. But now he is off to college – a fresh start, away from both his family and all those High School cliques. His attempts to break out of his shell are quite cute – he and his tree friend had me grinning! Then along comes Jared … Connor is assigned as Jared’s tutor, and so the friendship begins.

Jared is just lovely, I adored him from the very first. He is the jock to Connor’s geek – but he is such a sweet jock, with insecurities of his own. When he first kisses Connor, and Connor pulls away saying “What about your girlfriend?” Jared agrees and steps away, going to leave – at the door he says it wasn’t meant to happen. Connor assumes he means the kiss. But Jared says no, the having a girlfriend part. That broke my heart a little bit. Right then. The thought of this gorgeous, sweet, lovely guy – going through the motions; doing what he assumed he had to be seen doing. Not wanting to let anybody down. So sad.

It really is a well told coming of age, coming out story – for both MC’s.

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