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Suicide Watch

Suicide Watch - Kelley York Suicide Watch is a story about 3 young people finding each other. The thread that binds them is that they are all broken; but in the short time that they know each other they forge a strong friendship that changes the course of their lives …. as long as that journey might be.

“Some broken things are fixable. Some are not.”

Adam’s father has died, leaving him with a mother who barely knows he exists.

Casper is dying from cancer.

And then there is Vincent Hazelwood … The story is told through Vinnie’s POV and that in itself is quite difficult. He is an absolute mess, and the writing style reflects this – short, sharp, stripped bare.

“And maybe it isn’t that I want to die, exactly. But living is getting to be far too lonely.”

I mulled this story over for a bit, before feeling ready to tackle its review, because it was a hard, thought provoking read. Not nearly as emotional as I thought it would be – I didn’t even cry (which is something, trust me!) BUT it was very powerful, nonetheless. I enjoy reading books that take me on an emotional roller coaster, and this one certainly does that. Ultimately the book does end with a HEA, which is always a preference of mine – but not a prerequisite. So if you, too, don’t mind a hard read then I recommend this book to you. It really is quite beautiful.

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