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Inferno - Scarlet Blackwell 5 Stars - KAPOW!!

This book was just brilliant! I absolutely loved it! Some of my favourite things I like in a book…

Night club owner? check.

Cold hearted, arrogant SOB? check.

Cop in denial? check.

I’m not sure why I love my book characters to be bastards, but there you go, and I know I’m not alone in this. We fall for the guys with traits we would never accept in RL. Dante is all of this; and oh, so much more….. AND, he has purple eyes – nuff said.

For a big book there aren’t really many characters that get much page time other than Zack and Dante (not that I’m complaining!) but what we get to see of Claire, Zack’s partner, is wonderful - her support for her partner was unwavering. She would do anything for Zack. It is also more than just romance – the mystery was really good. The guy I had pinned as the baddie was in fact not the baddie at all, even though right until the end I kept expecting another twist in the “tale”. The back story of Corey (the dead rent boy), and his friends and lovers is also really well done, and very sad. The story really is multi-layered. That, I guess, is the beauty of a big book – the story slowly unfurled, it never felt rushed.

As a couple – Zack and Dante are wonderful; they really do complete each other. I will definitely be rereading this book… maybe even this week! I cannot recommend it highly enough. Go. Buy the Book!

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