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Take It Off

Take It Off - L.A. Witt, Aleksandr Voinov 5 Stars - KAPOW!!

Book 2 was just as good as Quid Pro Quo,(Book 1) – if not better! Certainly hotter!I loved how Jared has developed a bit of swagger, yet we still see glimpses of the sweet boy from before; and Tristan.... control-freak-Tristan, forced to watch – as he is lead a merry dance by Jared. Well, a “sexy lap” dance, should I say Poor Tristan left cursing himself for not going for it with Jared, while he had the chance. The sizzle factor was scorching – absolutely off the charts! But once again Witt and Voinov have proven that even in a story with so few words, and most of which are relative to one long titilating seduction scene – there can still be a story arc, and characters that are really easy to connect with – and care about. I am itching to know more about Rolex – and longing for the book where he really lets go!!

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