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Second Chance at Love

Second Chance at Love - Diana DeRicci 4 Stars

Tony was over a decade younger than his partner – who was everything to him, mentor as well as lover, he helped Tony out when he had really needed it. Now he meets Brandon, who is 10 years younger than him and has had a pretty rough time of it. His family are not great, and he is working two jobs to fund college. Life is tough. Sleep a luxury he doesn’t often get. I really liked Brandon! He was doing it tough, but you didn’t get the sense that he was a whiner – he just got on with it. The perfect setting to “pay it forward“. Tony was great too – two lovely guys that just needed to get past a couple of obstacles: age difference and the shadow of that great love.

As I said the story is incredibly sweet, no angst to speak of – just 2 really nice guys who find eachother I really do recommend this book for that rainy day when you can curl up on the couch with a cuppa and the time to read it in one sitting: a definite feel good factor to the story which was a breath of fresh air these days when angst and D/s seem to be the tropes de rigueur Go. Buy the Book!

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