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Clown'd - K.A. Merikan 4 Stars

.... it was a dark and stormy night, well a damp night anyway, and Kyle was walking home from work. It was late and he wanted to get home to Dan, his boyfriend, as quickly as possible – so why not cut through the empty park? He sees a sign warning about “rogue clowns” – great. Of course it isn’t long before he finds a whole lotta clowns – all following him from different directions. (Is there a collective noun for Clowns? I’m running with “creep”. A creep of clowns ) …. anyway he tries to get away but all exits are blocked, of course. He tries to climb over the fence, but gets pulled back down, naturally. Now he is at the mercy of this grinning group of sickos. And this is where the story kicks in ...

It is very difficult to say anything that doesn’t “spoil” the story – but given the nature of the tags that we had to give there are some elements that I can obviously discuss – I know that there are people who have this fantasy of being captured, kidnapped, used – I personally do not get it. But as a reader I can climb on board and follow along. Kyle was definitely scared, but also a bit excited. What happens if you think you recognise someone behind the mask? Does that change the dynamic? Would you feel safer or more exposed? ...

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