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Exposed - Skylar M. Cates 4.5 Stars

I really enjoyed this book. Almost from the moment you start it you know how it’s going to play out but you get so lost in the passion and swept up in the romance. The anticipation of the moment Daniel finds out keeps you on edge. Knowing it didn’t take anything away from the story. It was excellent! Now, OMG this story was smoking hot! Daniel is so dominant and toppy in the bedroom and Rafe loves it. There is a lot of sex but keeping their relationship secret leaves them rendezvousing privately to be together, which just adds that desperate element to the sex. Also, thinking they only have a few weeks at sea makes their time limited. They make the most of the time they can spend together by doing what they want to do. Have lots of sex! It wasn’t just sex. The connection the guys had seemed real and I was absolutely rooting for them. I recommend this book and will be checking out whatever the author writes next.

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