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Taking A Chance

Taking A Chance - Anne Brooke

°•○★5 Stars ~ KAPOW!★○•°
A "Live Your Life, Buy The Book" Review

It may be said that I am the 5 star Queen, here at LYLBTB . . . .  but I don't care. When I love , I love LARGE!! I also do not let word count get in the way of my 5 star gushes... and this story is just that! A short-story-5-star-gush-a-thon!! ❤

Isn't this just the ultimate scenario for someone curious about D/s? The chance to experiment with someone who thinks you are someone else? Well, in my skewed perspective that sounds like a lot of fun!! Benjamin sees this hot guy walking up the street, and gives him the once-over and then some. David saw this, and misconstrued the look - you see David was out on a blind date, and assumed Benjamin was the date :-) Benjamin was quick to catch on, however, and decided to run with the mistake. After all, a free dinner with a hot guy is too good a night to refuse, right?

During the meal Benjamin realises he may be in a little deeper than just dinner. Safewords? Submission? Spanking? these are all words that are being bandied about - something is planned for after the main course. And not just dessert. What should he do? On one hand he has always been curious about the world of BDSM; and on the other hand he has always been curious about the world of BDSM. :-) So ... caution to the wind, he is in! and off they go to David's house. Will David find out he is with the wrong guy? Will he care? And will Benjamin run a mile when they get down to the nitty gritty? Read the book to find out...

I just loved this story sooooo much! It was cute and very sexy. I would happily read more of these guys. It really was the perfect little afternoon read on a hot/cold/wet/sunny/who'm-I-kidding-ANY-kinda day read. Go. Buy the book! It's a goodie!!

NOTE : Wilde City blurb and my e-book use the name "David" the blurb here on goodreads uses the name "Alan"... strange but true. I went with "David" as that is what my e-book says