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Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1)

Something in the Way He Needs (Family #1) - Cardeno C. 4 Stars

“Something in the Way He Needs” is the story of finding the one who calls to your heart. It is an emotional journey into the dynamics of a relationship, while exploring the question of who holds the power?

This book, the first in the Family series, is my introduction to Cardeno C.’s work, which has been recommended to me for some time. It’s a look at the roles of dominance and submission, with some mild BDSM; however, I think it’s primarily the story of two men defining what they need from one other as they fall in love and try to build a life together.

Asher Penaz is a top cop, he is a dominant and he lives his personal life in San Francisco’s leather clubs. Asher is big into one-night stands and makes no personal attachments — ever. He meets Daniel on a vacation trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s bachelor party and cannot take his eyes off the clumsy, intriguing man. From this moment on, Asher is led by a powerful need to take care of Daniel. Although he has no idea if Daniel is a submissive, he pushes the relationship forward, eagerly testing Daniel’s responses at every opportunity. His attraction to Daniel kick starts an unexpected exploration of self that turns his world upside down....

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