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Buried Bones

Buried Bones - Kim Fielding 4.5 Stars

This is the sequel to “Good Bones”. The two books really must be read in order to fully appreciate the characters and their relationship arc.

This book takes place roughly one month after the end of Good Bones. Dylan and Chris are slowly, yet steadily, finding their way through new relationship territory. I love these two incredibly likeable guys! They have such an easy, flirty, loving way with each other – it’s just as fun and enjoyable to read about them doing mundane things like staining a floor, fixing dinner, or discussing the weather as it is to read their wolf transformation or lovemaking scenes. The dialogue and chemistry between them is indeed that terrific. The author definitely has a penchant for presenting well drawn characters.

While the guys do have an easy symbiosis going, we also see that they are both harboring insecurities about their future together. They each want to make a full commitment, and they both long to call Dylan’s house their home – they just need to figure out how to tell each other this! ....

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