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Soul Magic (Triad, #3)

Soul Magic (Triad, #3) - Poppy Dennison 4 Stars

I was pretty damn excited to get to Liam and Cormac’s story after the set up in the last book. Although each book gives us a new couple to cheer on ultimately the series revolves around Gray and Simon. I would have loved to read a book all about Liam and Cormac but that’s not how this series works. This review may contain some small spoilers for the previous two books which you should read in order.

The book begins with Liam hunting down a more primal vampire Cormac and not the one we’re used to. He’s not acting right after the attack in the last book and Liam is determined to find out why. The two decide the answer to his overwhelming need for blood is to feed from Liam. This sets their physical relationship into motion. Throughout the book the guys get closer and the obstacles put in front of seem to bring out the need to protect and care for each other. It’s a little tricky because Liam’s loyalty is always firstly to his Alpha. When the children are threatened again everyone puts their resources into finding a way to stop the bad guy. It’s all for nought because there’s nothing in their histories stating a person with all three magics has ever done something like this before. When Cormac gets a visit from the baddie himself he realizes how it all comes full circle back to him...

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