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Unfinished Business (Beggars and Choosers, #2)

Unfinished Business (Beggars and Choosers, #2) - Mia Kerick 4.5 Stars

This is the second book in a series that must be read in order to gain a full understanding of Brett and Cory and what they mean to each other . The story continues immediately after the events of "Beggars and Choosers", and is a wonderfully satisfying continuation of the beautiful and deeply committed relationship between Cory and Brett.

My biggest overall impression of this book was that I loved how it focused so much on the relationship. And it did so without stalling out, getting sappy, or involving over-the-top emotional drama. It is a story about two young men discovering their own separate strengths while cementing their bond.

The story is told using the alternating POVs of Brett and Cory (and occasionally some of the secondary characters). I’ve read plenty of books where alternating POVs are utilized and do not work at all, however that is definitely not the case here! Same goes for literal use of dialect/accent. The author in this instance utilizes alternating POVs and a strong dialect (Brett) with absolute sterling results. Each character has a distinct voice and with Brett especially, I felt as though they were sitting right in front of me telling their story. Brett’s voice, and, – let’s face it – Brett overall, won my heart in Beggars and Choosers and that feeling was definitively solidified in this sequel.

This story begins with Brett and Cory moving into a cozy studio apartment together near the campus where Cory will be attending college. They have an awesome purple comforter on their bed. Brett has secured a job managing a bar/restaurant on campus. Due to the assault on Cory the previous summer, Brett is protective of Cory and always walks him to and from each class, to the library, and to the apartment, even scheduling time away from the bar to do so. Cory absolutely consents to this and doesn’t consider it as controlling at all. In fact, it really touched my soul to hear their inner dialogues about what this level of care and concern meant to each of them.

New people that meet Cory and Brett don’t necessarily see this behavior as loving, nor do they know the history behind it. Ian – an attractive, spiky haired, dressed all-in-black dude, who takes an immediate interest in getting to know Cory better – sees Brett’s constant “bodyguard” routine as smothering, controlling, and possibly bullying....

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