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The Jouster's Lance

The Jouster's Lance - A.J. Marcus 3.5 Stars

I am rather nerdy. Over the years I’ve read lots and lots of science fiction, I’ve seen every Star Trek and most every episode of Dr. Who, and I’ve engaged in role playing games and heard things like, “Come on, you guys can kill 9 ogres.” We couldn’t. I’ve also been involved in some historical recreations in my time. I draw the line at L.A.R.P. I’m so not going there! So, when I saw The Jouster’s Lance, by AJ Marcus, I knew I would want to read it. It’s the story of Dale O’Toole, a jouster who portrays the character of Diederik, the Demon Duke of Denmark. He goes to a Renaissance Faire in Colorado to replace their injured dark knight. Dale takes his horses and travels from Texas to his new summer job and gets cut off on the road by a long haired guy in a black jeep. Dale adores his horses and hates anything that annoys them. It really upsets Dale a couple days later when someone trips and hits one of his horses with a pole!

Austin Renfro embarrasses himself when he trips and hits the gorgeous new dark knight’s horse with a pole! Eventually he apologizes to the very drunk Dale and gets kissed by him right before he falls asleep...

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