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Grand Slam

Grand Slam - J.T. Cheyanne 4 Stars

I thought this book was adorable. I loved the characters. I laughed and the sex was hot. Throw in a little baseball. What’s not to love?

Spencer is kind of the star player of his minor league baseball team. He loves the game; it’s all he’s ever wanted to do. His dream is to make it to the majors. Spencer meets Brock one night during a photo op for a ball his nephew caught and Spencer is attracted from the moment he sees him but he has no idea if the guy likes men. Brock isn’t as outgoing and doubts a young hot baseball player like Spencer would be interested in him even if he was gay. Luckily for these two the oh so cute niece of Brock, Anna Kate ,takes care of it for them by inviting Spencer to dinner which he accepts. She then manages to fix her uncle up in probably the most amazingly adorable way I’ve ever read. You’ll just have to read it yourself. So cute! ....

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