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Unearthing Cole

Unearthing Cole - A. M. Arthur 5 Stars

Warning: If you tend to cry during emotional stories, you may need to keep a few tissues handy.

I give the warning because Unearthing Cole is not a warm and fuzzy romance, it’s a very emotional read that deals with very serious issues that happen everyday to people all over the world.

If you’ve read the blurb, then I don’t have to tell you what this story is about, because it says everything I would say. I will tell you that Cole Alston is a very intense character to read. The things this poor man has been through broke my heart over and over again, but I’m thankful for the relationship he develops with Jeremy Collins. Jeremy has had his own share of heartbreak and has worked through it and came out on top, and having him there for Cole is a godsend. Jeremy knows when to back off but he also knows just how much to push to get Cole to open up. This is one of those books that’s makes you want more, just so you can see how the characters have grown over the passage of time. I could literally feel all the love and passion the author put into this story and that alone made it a terrific read.

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