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Offside - Ryan Loveless 4 Stars

Adam Dumas is a striker for the Galaxy – and like most top sportsmen he has a certain amount of swagger, to the point where, after the first chapter, I really didn’t like him. At all. Having been signed as a 15 year old, he has virtually grown up at the Galaxy. The coach, who has been like a father figure, shows that business is business, when Adam is unceremoniously transferred after 13 years at the club. And sport really is a business these days. Adam acts like a spoiled brat – not only upset about being transferred, but also about the club he was going to. He is out and proud – the only openly gay player in the MSL and the thought of leaving the bright lights of the big city is not very appealing. Then he meets Colin …

Colin Evet is Adam’s new team mate and house mate, and sparks fly from their first meeting. Colin picks up a tired, cranky and pissed off Adam from the airport. Adam lets slip that he has no intention of hanging around St. Louis for long. He needs his big city lights. Not the best thing to say to a new team mate – given that you are putting someone out of their normal position, as the coach reshuffles the team to fit the new star player into the side. His reception from the team as a whole is pretty harsh at first – they are wary of his loyalties to his old club, but remain totally cool about him being gay. I think the author did a good job capturing the feel of how all these egos coalesce into one team; to win one game; and not be about one player. What we aren’t sure about is if Colin is gay too. Even Colin isn’t sure. He has never really thought about it that much; football is his life. Then he meets Adam …

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