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To Catch A Fox

To Catch A Fox - Geoffrey Knight, Ethan Day I am exhausted!! That was a romp and a half! The action was nonstop.... Like reading a film script - such vivid action scenes! As with all Ethan's books (I am new to Geoff) the ensemble cast was excellent. I loved Millie, Leigh and Eva ; Savannah broke my heart - I was quite teary as she stood up to Mason. Poor, poor Beau :-( and I am left wondering if Eddie is maybe a redeemable character. I also soooooo want a Rick story. Virgil was also a wonderful character; but Snowflake almost stole the show lol Of course Tucker and Fox were sublime - not sure if Ethan and Geoff each had a particular MC as their own - however they split the writing, it worked really well !!!
My only quibble and it may just be my ignorance, but while I knew there was a second book in the offing I never knew this would be "to be continued...." I do prefer my books buttoned up at the end; or to know that the story line is so definitely an ongoing plot.... But that doesn't detract from my overall enjoyment; it just leaves me chomping at the bit for the next installment !