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Question Mark

Question Mark - S.E. Culpepper It's not often that I like pure romance. I like mystery, murder, mayhem .... or a good dollop of angst. But not angst, just for the sake of angst o.O (so I am fussy) this book was romance. Beautiful romance. And I freaking loved it!! Zane was sublime - Hollywood heart throb, sexiest man alive -- yet vulnerable and shy. When he puts himself out there saying "no games" I just melted. Mark, we know from the previous book, is kinda difficult; and I really wasn't sure if I would like him. But I really did. He did need a whack on the head every now and then , and his brothers were perfect for that. His whole family was brilliant. I wish the big secret that gets unveiled at the end had been on page, but such as life. And finally Christian.... Phew! He is going to be such a great read. He broke my heart. The calls he finally made. And made. Again. And again. Blond guy with tatts and a Marine. You just know the next book in this series is going to be as good as the first 2!!! Can. Not. Wait.