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Redemption - Olivia Duncan Craig I really liked this book. The setting Is very different -- a time when the rich flit around in their own personal planes, and can afford to eat natural food , when most survive on just supplements. Right there is one of my favourite things :-) boy feeds boy chicken noodle soup. It is also possible to contract someone to live with you, work with you, maybe even sleep with you. Devin has been hurt, his ex wife really did a number on him, his PA has left to have a baby, so he decides to get a male bondmate. Enter Jason - desperately needing credits so he can help his family escape. So he sells himself to Devin - full out bondmate. But of course Devin is a lot more than a rich, spoiled playboy and he really starts to care for Jason.... I mean, chicken noodle soup, nuff said!!

There is the requisite mystery which wasn't completely mysterious but didn't really detract from the beautiful, romantic story -- and there are 2 things (ok 3 including the soup) that I love in a book :
1. Boy takes bullet for boy
2. Hospital bed love scene

I didn't quite get the bullet; but close enough -- loved it! Really loved these guys - Devin Heaven!!