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Special Forces - Mercenaries Part II

Special Forces - Mercenaries Part II - Aleksandr Voinov, Vashtan, Marquesate This book, for me, has been the weakest of the series so far. There were huge passages in the book that to me were pointless; too much sex - just for the sake of it. But it is a huge book, so there is room for the angst ridden, stomach-churning, heartbreaking scenes to overpower the 'meh' parts... and that they did! I still love Vadim; I still get pissed off with Dan and his dalliances; I like Jean even less than before! and don't get me started on Katya! But I couldn't put the book down; couldn't stop talking about it; or posting like a maniac on the Goodreads group page ... so again, when a book totally invades your mind - how can it not get the full 5 star rating?

My favourites bits were the Matt and Hooch bit , with the word count :-D and Kisa, kitten, Lapushka. Loved that!