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Blame it on the Mistletoe

Blame It On The Mistletoe - Eli Easton

Ohmigod!! That was so sweet! Such a wonderful Christmas read. I adore geek-fancies-jock-who-also-fancies-geek stories and whilst I am not a huge fan of GFY stories, this one I enjoyed…. maybe because it is a Christmas story, it just worked for me. I loved it ❤ I, too, am going to blame it on the mistletoe....


Mick Colman is the main slut around campus. The girls talk about him being the best kisser too. But just lately he seems to have become bored with his life – he is over all the parties, and the girls, so when he has the chance to move off campus he jumps at it!! First he needs to find a room mate to help make rent, and so the interviewing process begins. Enter Fielding Monroe, new room mate and soon to be best friend.


Fielding, as both his parents say, is special. Unique. Highly intelligent and with a focus that enables him to quickly master anything he truly sets his mind too. When this girl, a truly horrid girl targets him as her next “victim” he panics. He has never so much as kissed a girl before, and now chances are he is going to be caught under the mistletoe – and he doesn’t want to make a fool of hinself… so what do you do when faced with the prospect of appearing foolish and inexperienced? (which you are!) …. You hire a pro. Yep. Fielding asks Mick to teach him how to kiss. Mick, of course, knows that kissing is not just about the mechanics of lip on lip action – it is intimate. So he balks at the plan. For as long as he can….


This really was such a cute story! Mick was a delight!! He almost dotes on Fielding – making sure he eats right, exercises, and he even helps him with his appearance  - of course one day all these changes lead to a – “Wow!! he is cute moment!”

The epilogue was maybe a step too far and too quick and too much, but again… it isa Christmas story. A time of magic and wishes and warm and fuzzies, so I went with it and loved it.